Web Credits

The Birds–of–Paradise Project website is a production of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Multimedia Program and is based on the work of wildlife photojournalist Tim Laman and evolutionary biologist Edwin Scholes.

Executive Producer: John Bowman
Online Producer: Marc Dantzker
Multimedia Producers: Eric Liner, Tom Swartwout
Project Manager: Hannah Smith Walker
Principal Scientist: Ed Scholes, Ph.D.
Photography: Tim Laman, Ph.D. www.timlaman.com
Photo Assistant: Rachel Woolfson
Cinematography: Tim Laman, Ed Scholes, Eric Liner, Rob Lyall, Karen Rodriguez
Sound Recording: Ed Scholes, Ian Fein, Aaron Webster
Writers: Marc Dantzker, Hugh Powell, Ed Scholes
Illustrations: Andrew Leach
Additional Narration: Yula Kapetanakos
Music: APM, New Earth Records, Tulku, Lenny Williams,
Interactive Producers: Marc Dantzker, Hannah Smith Walker
Interactive Development: Erwin Renkema
Web Development: Unified Field Inc.
Web Supervisors: Alex Chang, Sarah Seroussi
Webmaster: Greg Delisle
Sound Engineers: Karl Fitzke, Bill McQuay, Matthew Young
Maps: Ron Blakey, Colorado Plateau Geosystems, NASA
Closed Captioning: Elizabeth Saggese, Kelly Smith

The complete collection of birds–of–paradise sound and video recordings made for the Birds–of–Paradise Project, including those used in the website, are scientifically archived and available for use from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library.

Thank you to Joanne Avila, Tammy Bishop, Greg Budney, Adriane Callinan, Miyoko Chu, Ben Clock,
John W. Fitzpatrick, Gordon Laman, Nancy Schrempf, Stephanie Sechler, Jennifer Smith,
Diane Tessaglia–Hymes, Mya Thompson, Tom Vigliotta, and Mike Webster.